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Record Expungement Lawyer
In San Diego County, the expungement process starts by filing a petition for dismissal with the court.

Details: If the petition is granted, the court docket will reflect that your case has been dismissed in accordance with Penal Code 1203.4, or that your guilty verdict has been set aside. Whether you entered into a plea bargain deal, or you convicted during a jury trial, you likely qualify to have your case re-opened and expunged. California Penal Code 1203.4 is the primary statute that governs expungement law in San Diego and throughout California. Once your petition is granted, it will not state that you were guilty of the offense on your record. Rather, it will state that your case has been dismissed. As such, you will be able to honestly state on an employment application that you were not guilty, or convicted, of the offense. Additionally, a record of the conviction will not appear on most criminal background checks.


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