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Submission Policy

Submission Guidelines

We care a great deal about the quality of our directory. In order to ensure the smooth running of the directory, we may have to delete submissions that violate these policies or that we believe otherwise disrupt the operation of the directory.


Unacceptable Sites & Content
How To Submit
Reasons Why Submissions Are Not Approved - Important
Editing An Existing Link
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Unacceptable Sites & Content

Examples of unacceptable web sites include, but are not limited to:

  1. No adult sites or adult related content.
  2. No sites under construction or with broken links & missing images.
  3. No illegal sites containing copyright infringement, plagiarism, violence, fraud, racism, vulgarity or warez.
  4. Do not submit mirror sites with the same or similar content, but different URL's - this will result in the deletion and permanent banning of both sites.
  5. Do not submit subdomains - use the top-level domain.
  6. Do not disguise your web site address - for example: & - this will result in the deletion of both URL's.
  7. Only sites with English content will be accepted into the directory. All submissions must be in English.
  8. A site submitted to an inappropriate category shall not be added.
  9. Sites with popups / pop unders will not be listed.

How To Submit

To submit a site to the directory select the correct category where you would like your site listed. If your category is not listed in the directory select the closest category describing your web site. On the site submission page suggest a new category & subcategory if necessary. Fill in all the required details in the form & click the "Submit" button.


Reasons Why Submissions Are Not Approved

  1. The description and or detailed entry consists mainly of keywords. 99% of unsuccessful submissions are because of keyword listing. A carefully written description is of utmost importance.
  2. Only submit top level domains - sub domains are not accepted.
  3. Only submit your homepage - do not submit sub-folders.
  4. Inappropriate CAPITALIZATI0N of words.
  5. Including product pricing and special offers. These are subject to change and are therefore not accepted.
  6. Excessive or incorrect punctuation.
  7. Exclamation marks in the title.
  8. Repeated & excessive use of exclamation marks!
  9. These punctuation rules apply to all other punctuation if used inappropriately or incorrectly.
  10. Words such as "cool, hottest, best (best in the world), unbeatable, ultimate, top, largest, your only source" & other such terms of similar meaning.
  11. Use of pop-ups and pop-unders.
  12. Excessive opening of new windows when browsing.
  13. Submissions via email are not accepted.

Submit A Site

Note: These guidelines have be created to help you submit successfully. Notes have been provided on the submission form to further aid in successful submission. receives many entry requests per day. It is important you put a little thought into your submission. We will match your effort in reviewing your website as you have in creating it.

A quality website requires a quality description. Descriptions are reviewed before a visit is made. This solely determines whether a website review is required.

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