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Business Details
The Orlow Firm
New York personal injury law firm with offices in Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx and Manhattan. Free case evaluations and contingency fee basis. Handles all types of personal injury cases including third party workers compensation.

Details: The Orlow Firm is a New York personal injury law firm with offices in Queens, The Bronx, Manhattan and Brooklyn. The Orlow Firm has experienced lawyers that handle the following types of cases:

- Personal Injury cases including brain injuries, wrongful death, spinal cord injuries, back injuries, neck injuries, burn injuries and broken bones.

- Car accident cases including truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, tax accidents, Uber/Lyft accidents, subway accidents, head on collisions, rear end collisions, t-bone collisions, rollover accidents and more.

- Construction accident cases and workers compensation cases involving third party negligence.

- Police misconduct cases including police brutality, false arrest and malicious prosecution.

- Sexual abuse cases including clergy abuse, rape victims or any time a child was abused by a position of authority including teachers, camp counselors and more.

- Premises liability cases including slip and falls, trip and falls, sidewalk injuries, retail store injuries and more.

- Nursing home abuse and neglect cases including bedsores.

- Lead poisoning cases including lead paint poisoning.


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