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Mold Removal Experts
Mold removal, remediation, inspection, and testing for all New Jersey residents, homeowners, and businesses.

Details: As the mold removal and remediation experts of New Jersey, we have what it takes to completely eradicate all of the mold from your home or business. If you walk into your building and smell a musky odor, you could have mold. Mold can take over a home, making it almost unlivable. How does this happen? First, it starts with water damage. A floor is often the initial cause of mold infestation. These floods can occur due to rain, a burst pipe, or even a small leak. Once water gets into your home and into the walls or floors, it sits and soaks in. This can active the mold spores that were sitting there. Mold spores are easily blown into your home through the air or through clothing. Once they come into contact with water and have a dark, damp place to flourish, they grow uncontrollably. Mold is a fungus, which are very fast growers too. It can take over a basement, walls, ceiling, and even your floors, if you don't remediate it properly. Let alone the physical damage it can do to a home, it can also harm your health. Toxic black mold has been linked to various health issues such as bad asthma, coughing, sneezing, immune suppression, and even death. Yes, mold can cause death if not treated properly. Do not let mold take over your home, contact the Mold Removal Experts of NJ to have your mold inspected, tested, and remediated/removed today. We offer free, no-onligation quotes on all projects.

Category: Home Improvement
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