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Peregrine General Pest Control Inc.
At Peregrine we focus on removing the critter(s) in a timely and professional manner. Our licensed technicians are experts in eliminating even the toughest of pests, including cockroaches, mice, ants, spiders, beetles, wasps, bees, bed bugs, pigeons.

Details: Pigeon droppings, besides being unsightly and making footpaths slippery, also pose a serious health risk. Fresh pigeon feces contain large numbers of salmonella-causing bacteria. Air bourn particles of dried pigeon excrement contain fungi that get deposited in air vents and ducts and, once inhaled, are untreatable in many cases. Minuscule particles of dried pigeon droppings can also cause infections in small cuts and wounds.

The pigeon itself can harbour up to 60 types of infectious diseases and 40 types of parasites and ectoparasites, including ticks and fleas, which can transmit diseases to humans, including meningitis. Finally, pigeons are great dispersers of disease since they travel great distances daily and are constantly stopping and perching en route.

If you feel there are too many pigeons in and around your property Peregrine experts can help you to get to grips with the problem.

Overall, it is fair to say that effective pigeon control is a complex process and is probably best handled by experienced professionals such as the technicians we employ at Peregrine General Pest Management.


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