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San Antonio Car Accident Lawyer
The Law Office of Israel Garcia is here to help you when you’ve been hurt in a San Antonio motor vehicle accident caused by a negligent driver. Call our experienced San Antonio car & truck accident lawyer today.

Details: Unless you’ve been personally injured in a vehicle accident, it’s hard to fully grasp the lingering effects of a serious crash – living with constant pain and limited mobility or functionality and being reminded
daily of the trauma you suffered can be life-changing. Even personal injury attorneys who have spent years representing accident victims can’t completely understand what it’s like. At the Law Office of Israel Garcia, we do know what it’s like because we’ve been there. In addition to helping injury victims for nearly twenty years as passionate legal advocates in the justice system, we’ve also lived through our own horrific accidents and carry the pain and memories with us to this day. These experiences make us compassionate and zealous fighters on your behalf.


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