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Business Details
Concrete Leveling of Orlando, FL
A concrete leveling company in Orlando, Florida that offers polyurethane foam jacking for any and all uneven concrete in your residential or commercial property, including sidewalks, pool decks, driveways, indoor concrete slabs, and more. Call us today!

Details: Why hire a professional concrete leveler?
Doing concrete leveling work on your own may sometimes be possible, such as when concrete slabs can be ground down to matching heights and self leveling concrete applied to restore surface smoothness. However, there are instances where this is not a viable alternative and the only solution to getting rid of uneven concrete is concrete lifting by either slab jacking or mud jacking. With that being said, concrete lifting is a time-consuming task and the one-time concrete leveling cost of doing it yourself may actually end up being higher than hiring a professional who has the right concrete leveling tools and expertise to get the job done.

Taking on concrete lifting yourself can also turn out to be dangerous and, if done incorrectly, may permanently damage the paved surfaces you are working on. If permanent damage does occur, costly concrete replacement may be needed, and this will take several days to complete. Don’t put yourself through all this, hire a professional concrete raising expert for all your concrete repair needs!

At Concrete Leveling of Orlando, we offer polyurethane foam jacking for all your concrete lifting projects, for both residential & commercial locations. We utilize only the highest-quality foam that is specifically
designed for working on concrete. Our foam sets quickly, is lightweight and resistant to moisture so you can rest assured that your structural repair is done right. Call us today at (321) 415-5991


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