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Tex Art - Agency & Gallery for Textile Art
Gallery and agency for textile art in Salzburg, Austria. We promote textile art and organise artistic events, art and architecture, interior design and textile art and offers art-leasing.

Details: Textile art consists of an art which deals with textile material and textile techniques. The characteristics of this art regards specifically weaving, fabric painting, felting, siev print.
The balancing act on the borders of textile art creates a tension which has no comparison to formal art.

[textile + art ] x area - art at the building
- artistic total concepts: Idea, draft and realization
- educational, artistic total concepts: idea, draft and workshop with the users of the area

artistic creation with function
- room acoustics
- blinds

art leasing
- removable art / leasing model on request

- "mobile gallery" at changing places

- advanced training for adults and children
- knowledge transfer of textile techniques / textile arts


Category: Arts
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