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GoGoNano - Ultra Strong Nano Coating Waterproof Spray
Offers innovative nano coating products. Water based liquid screen protector, no wax car protector with waterproof spray to protect leather and textile. Our products combine art nanotechnology and environmentally friendly ingredients.

Details: A helping hand for the environment
One of the main goals of the entire team at GoGoNano as to deliver a helping hand to the environment. After all, protecting the world around us is something we should all be trying harder to do. Our innovative brand does this in a few different ways.

The first is that it tackles the issue of a throwaway culture. All too often in these modern times, we choose cheaper, low-cost items which we use for a short period of time before throwing away. This means that our landfills are becoming full and this is going to have a huge impact on the environment in the future.

By allowing you to protect items that you have bought and keep them looking fresh and clean, we help you to keep them for longer, rather than throwing them away.

Our superhydrophobic coatings are also developed to be kind to the environment too. Something that we are incredibly proud of here at GoGoNano. We never use ingredients that are harmful and aim for a low level of heavy chemicals in our products too.

Not only this, but by using our products you can reduce cleaning time by as much as 80%. This means that you will save yourself time and you will also need to use less and less of the harmful cleaning chemicals and products that you may have in your cleaning cupboard.


Category: Cleaning Supplies
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