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Biweekly Mortgage Broker by The Equity Group
Do you know how much you are over paying your lender? Discover how much you can save by simply changing the way you pay your mortgage.

Details: Turn Your Current Mortgage into an Investment Program

Homeowners across America are beginning to realize that it's smart to accelerate the payoff of their home loan...rather than throw away tens of thousands of dollars on excessive interest charges. It is as simple as adding a biweekly mortgage reduction program to your current mortgage. There is no need to refinance, The Equity Acceleration ProgramŽ works with your new or existing loan.

The EAP allows you to cut the amount of interest you pay on your mortgage and build equity up to three times faster. It's the perfect way to pay off your loan sooner while increasing equity and reducing interest expense.

Build Equity up to 300% FASTER with a biweekly mortgage program

A biweekly mortgage reduction program substantially reduces the amount of interest you'll pay. This concept has been endorsed by everyone from the Wall Street Journal to Consumer Reports, and the U.S. Government.

* NO Refinancing
* NO Qualifying
* NO Closing costs
* NO Changes to your current Mortgage

Biweekly Mortgages are quickly taking the Nation by storm. Homeowners can save thousands with a mortgage accelerator! The magic is in getting set up with a Bi-weekly Payment Plan, which the EAP mortgage acceleration program provides!


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