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Cellflare Look and Locate
New mobile phone application download that allows you to stay visually connected with people and business on the move and in real time. Registered Cellflare users can reveal their whereabouts globally on

Details: Our app uses your mobile device's GPS system to locate you and your contacts on the move in real time.

Cellflare gives you the ability to locate yourself directly on your phone using our live scalable map. This makes finding your way a whole lot easier as you can accurately navigate around the city in the palm of your hand using either the road, satellite or hybrid map view. All while letting your contacts locate you at the same time. They can do so by conveniently viewing all of their active friends, family and colleagues simultaneously in one view on our website map. This takes staying connected to a whole other level.

After downloading the app onto your mobile device you will need to go to and create a free account. update your profile- to activate Cellflare on your phone.

Now you are ready to add your friends and create your Cellflare social locating empire. Cellflare's website map gives you instant visual reference of your online contacts, showing you who is out and about. Not only does Cellflare work in real time it also locates users within 5 meters of their exact location. Each contact is displayed using a coloured dot and their profile picture.

Safety is a huge aspect of Cellflare; its features are designed to help give users peace of mind while on the move, making it a practical tool in today's world.

Get ready to look and locate!


Category: Wireless
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