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UK Phone Calls - Make UK Phone Calls From Oz
Phone the UK from Australia for just $0.01 with our easy to use phonecards. Calling cards from just $9.80 allowing you to make cheap international phone calls. Simple to use phone cards offer great value. Start saving today.

Details: Interesting stuff all this VOIP and Skype stuff, but after trying Skype and several other things the exciting deal I found for cheap UK phone calls is with a phonecard. You just dial an access number and enter your pin number then dial the UK phone number you are calling (you get prompted at each stage its very easy).
At $0.01 per minute it's way cheaper than skype and you have much better call quality and as someone else mentioned your computer doesnt even have to be on, it just uses your standard home phone line. Our phone card cost $9.80 and once you have used up all the minutes (which will take a very long time) you just hop online and recharge it. Your phonecard details usually get emailed to you as soon as you have paid so you can start making calls straight away.
We phone our family and friends in the UK all the time now and don't even worry about the cost because it's so cheap!


Category: Phone Cards
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