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Stone, Art & Design
Association of materials, forms and colours leading to the original creation of unique objects such as rings, mortars, tables and atypical microsculptures in stone.

Details: The crystallisation of a perpetual motion, my forms and objects are as much beginnings as final results. Thus, within all these pseudo-series, each specimen completes the precedent as much as it precedes the following. Everything is only a trial, transition towards...

Unceasingly conceiving forms, from objects to sculptures, using significant topics which all converge towards the curve, the alive, I test the limits of the material, in order to push and to enrich my knowledge. Excited by lightness and smoothness, I generally seek to withdraw the stone from its heaviness. Simply personal dynamics? Not only. The play of the colours as well as the reduced dimensions of my creations also contribute to scrambling the ordinary spectator's tracks, thus supporting the appearance of autonomous forms opening out in space.


Category: Interior Design
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