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Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion
Skin care product that keeps moisture-robbing irritants out while retaining skin's own moisture. It helps to enhance the skin's natural protective abilities so that the skin heals better.

Details: In order for the skin to heal and return to its healthy condition you have to seal in the moisture and oils that are below the outer layer of skin and protect it from the irritants in the environment. A shielding lotion is a new kind of natural skin care treatment based on a new technology that blends moisturizers with a light silicone material that is like a liquid shield that bonds with the surface of your skin.

Shielding lotions not only protect the skin's barrier but they restore the moisture itself, so that your skin does not become addicted on the moisture and cures the dry skin.

These natural skin care products are promptly absorbed without the slightest hint of any greasy or oily feeling or residue. While conventional lotions come off when you rub your hands or wash them, a shielding lotion bonds with the skin and lasts for at least four hours.


Category: Skin Care
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