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Powered by Renewables
Develop, manage and sell commercial and utility-scale solar, biogas, wind, biomass and hybrid renewable energy projects as well as the electricity and renewable energy credits generated by them.

Details: Biogas generates methane that burns with a clean flame and produces little pollution. A mixture of carbon dioxide and methane, biogas is a renewable fuel produced from municipal waste, sewage sludge or landfill gas.

Biomass uses materials that would otherwise be incinerated or deposited in landfills. Biomass is any organic matter available on a renewable basis, including aquatic plants, animal wastes, forest, wood and waste residues and agricultural crops wastes and residues.

Wind energy is currently a very economical form of renewable electricity production. There are two main ways to harness wind. Wind energy is a non-firm energy source. Firm energy is energy that is available whenever a customer needs it.

Solar energy could be tapped in every building. There are also many ways to harness solar energy. Solar energy (unless stored) is only available when the sun is shining.

Geothermal energy is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Geothermal energy taps the heat in the earth's crust. Like solar, geothermal energy can be used directly to provide heat.

Hybrid combines resources allowing one to firm another, making energy available whenever it is needed. Hybrid projects can include any combination of renewable energy and traditional fuel such as wind and hydro or solar and gas.


Category: Renewable Energy
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