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Action Replay - Golf Swing Analyser Software
Improve your golf swing with video based Golf Swing Analysis Software endorsed by Darren Clarke. Perfecting a natural golf swing is easy with our software that considers the physics of a golf swing.

Details: Action Replay's unique ability to automatically capture and replay your golf swing in slow motion makes it a very powerful learning tool.

Video Capture - Your swing can be captured using unique capture techniques which are powered by the world renowned Astar technology, ready for viewing. No editing is necessary.

Comparative modeling - Compare your golf swing to that of a leading professional, side by side in the multi-window display. Also you can compare your previously saved golf swings to your current golf swing. This is a great feature to be able to video your golf swing when playing well, save it and then refer back to that swing and see what has changed when you are not playing as well.

Measuring tools - Measure your swing speed, tempo, acceleration and club head speed.

Synchronisation - With Action replay's unique synchronisation tool, videos can be sychronised in a single step to allow frame by frame comparison.

Playback in slow motion - Options are available for either single or dual screen slow motion playback of your captured swing.


Category: Golf & Equipment
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