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Marine Conservation
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Artificial Reefs, Inc. - Reef Engineering & Reef Manufacturing  
Is a modular reef engineering and manufacturing firm totally dedicated to the development and restoration of our world's fragile oceans and endangered reef ecosystems.

AUSMEPA - Marine Conservation Education  
Non-profit organisation inspiring students to engage in education raising the awareness of Australia's marine conservation, pollutions and sustainability issues.

Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS)  
Is a national, non-profit and non-government organisation protecting the vitality of Australia's coasts and seas. AMCS provides leadership on a range of marine issues including marine parks, fisheries, and pollution.
The website of the Marine Conservation Society, the UK Charity for the marine environment and its wildlife.

Is an exciting educational challenge to ceate ocean awareness.

Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF)  
An active organization of divers committed to the preservation of the marine environment.
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