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ChampSystems, Inc. - Business Management Software  
Provides high-quality, reliable enterprise software solutions that are customized to meet the needs of your organization.

Cincom Acquire  
Easy-to-use guided selling and product configurator software. The definitive solution for companies that sell complex products.

Clarity Systems - Corporate Performance Management  
Business performance management and financial reporting software solutions for forecasting, budgeting, planning, reporting, analysis and effective business process improvement.

The world's first integrated enterprise cloud application suite, offering true Enterprise collaboration, project management, CRM and Business Intelligence Tools all under one integrated reliable and affordable solution.

Provider of software for competitive intelligence and knowledge management. The software allows you to quickly find and access the information you need, when you need it, so you can stay informed and make more confident business decisions.

Provides business users with easy to use software that drives strategy execution and delivers organizational performance.

CrunchTime - Restaurant Supply Chain Solutions  
We provide restaurant supply chain management and restaurant back office solutions. Our mission is to provide your management team with the critical and timely information they need to run your business efficiently and profitably.

Crystal Clear Designs  
Provides rental software with an adaptable stock and document design for rental companies.

DataArt - Offshore Software Outsourcing  
An offshore software outsourcing company with an Advanced Research and Development Center in St. Petersburg, Russia and project management capacity in New York, San Francisco, Research Triangle Park and London.

DataTrans Solutions - EDI for B2B, Online & E-Commerce  
Let one of the leading EDI outsourcing companies be your EDI provider for online, e-commerce activities and B2B technology using mapping and translation software. EDI, or electronic data interchange, lets companies communicate data electronically.

dataWerks Data Virtualization & Management  
Create strategically effective business insights and analytics for your business. Manage and manipulate data in various ways that suit you best. Accurate insights lead to better business decisions, try the best Data Virtualization plan, by dataWerks

Datex Supply Chain Management Solutions  
Provides supply chain management software solutions, hardware solutions and services. We possess a successful history of helping companies transition from a paper-based operation into a more streamlined paper-less operation.

DaTo Software  
A small software company, based on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. DaTo Software's goal is to provide quality software solutions at an affordable price.

Decision Technology - Business Intelligence Software  
DTI helps organizations unlock their data so business users can data-mine, analyze and report enterprise information for significantly improved decision making and productivity.

Deciware - Decision Analysis Software Tools  
Providing an intuitive, affordable, structured approach to making better decisions, reducing uncertainty and risk and institutionalizing an objective approach.

Direct With Hotels - Hotel Reservation Software  
Hotel booking solutions enable hotels to better service their guests. We provide hotel Internet marketing services to our hoteliers.

Dotfive Software Development  
We build high-quality interactive software that perfectly meets your requirements. We excel at large-scale information management, web and mobile apps, e-commerce, security and anything between.

Dynamics West  
A Certified Microsoft Partner providing solutions for Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision). Dynamics West features a team of professionals and consultants with a combined total of 50 years of proven expertise in implementation, deployment and customization.

EAI SIM Solutions  
Implement flexible and extensible enterprise application integration solutions. We use open standard middleware technology for identity and access management, enhancing internal security and accountability throughout the enterprise.

Easy Commission - Sales Commission Software  
An easy to use sales commission application. It can calculate sales commissions in a simple and easy manner. It takes sales data you enter, applies commission calculations you have set to produce commission statements.

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