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Analytical Laboratories
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Avomeen Analytical Services  
Our chemists provide complex failure analysis services, and specialize in helping you create, develop, and test any chemical or pharmaceutical product.

Chemical Analysis  
Matches those in need of chemical analysis with the most comprehensive database of labs and consultants from around the world. We also provide a comprehensive links index, an analytical book store, literature referral service, and a forum designed for spe

Galbraith Laboratories, Inc.  
Analytical chemistry laboratory that serves a wide range of client applications, representing most business and industry, government, academia, medical, and other global enterprises.

Innovatech Labs  
Analytical chemistry laboratory specializing in materials analysis, cleanliness testing, failure analysis and materials characterization.

Ivy Scientific, LLC.  
Provides laboratory consumables (plastic and glass). Ivy Scientific products offer a total satisfaction guarantee so that you can be confident in your purchasing decision.

Unigro - Controlled Environmental Chambers  
A leading provider of controlled environmental chambers and glasshouses. Our walk in environmental chambers and clean rooms are used in major research institutes throughout the UK.

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