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Preferred Injury Physicians  
Serving Volusia, Flagler, Orange, Hillsborough, and Seminole county patients with back pain conditions, sports injury, work injury, headaches, lower back pain, auto accident injuries, and neck pain.

Pure Synergie Beauty Salon  
We are an award winning beauty salon with branches in Covent Garden and Greenwich, London offering a huge range of affordable beauty treatments.

Pyro-Energen - Electrotherapy Against Viral Diseases  
Manufacturer of electronic devices used for treating viral and unknown causes of diseases.

Redwood Health Therapies Ltd.  
Based in Winchester, we are a friendly and welcoming business offering 20 different mainstream and complementary therapies. Providing mind and body treatments in a warm and relaxing environment.

Salt Crystal Lamps and Bath Products by Ionicsalts  
Our Himalayan salt lamps and products are natural air ionizers, emitting powerful negative ions which remove indoor pollutants and bacteria from the air. Beautiful, antiseptic and anti-allergen.

San Francisco Preventive Medical Group  
Effective and safe treatments in alternative medicine are part of the comprehensive approach of blending both natural therapies along with conventional treatments.

Save Your Heart - Heart Disease Supplement  
Offers alternative treatments for conditions including high blood pressure, cholesterol, arerio sclerosis, and arterial plaque. If you fail to get certain nutrients from your diet, your body will be unable to produce enough collagen.

Secrets to Health - Alternative Health Guide To Long Life  
How to Prevent or Reverse ANY Illness is revealed in Wayne Green's alternative health book, "Secret Guide to Health." Achieve long life through eliminating poisons and eating natural healing raw foods.

Sedona Spritual Adventures  
Spiritual retreats in which our clients experience individual sessions with the master healers, energy workers and spiritual guides of Sedona as well as the incredible beauty of this location for the purpose of deep spiritual connections.

Superior Magnetics - Magnetic Bracelets & Jewelry  
Offers the most effective magnetic jewelry, magnetic bracelets and copper bracelets for pain relief and the reduction of inflammation including arthritis, tendinitis, bursitis, migraines and plantar fasciitis.

Synergy Pain Relief Center  New
Non-narcotic pain management facility in Arizona. Our team of caring proessionals are dedicated to providing same day relief while also treating the cause of pain. Our strategy is focused on improving your health and improving quality of life.

The Podell & King Medical Practice  
Complementary and alternative medicine and holistic healing in New Jersey by Dr. Richard Podell, specializing in fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, autism spectrum, hypoglycemia, depression, and multiple sclerosis.

Therion - Magnetic Therapy  
Award-winning magnetic therapy products for safe, natural pain relief and easier, more comfortable sleep.

Totally Alive  
Offers a unique opportunity to reach a deeper connection with your true potential self. Our intentions of raising consciousness and healing are achieved through our understanding of the need for a wholistic approach.

True Sun  
Offers light therapy products. Including light boxes, air purifiers, full spectrum lights and sunrise alarm clocks.

Uterine Fibroid Embolization: Hysterectomy Alternatives  
Uterine fibroid embolization is an alternative treatment to a hysterectomy that treats fibroid tumors without removing the uterus. Learn more about this method of treating uterine fibroids.

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