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8 Warning Signs You Require Air Conditioning Repair in Texas

8 Warning Signs You Require Air Conditioning Repair in Texas

If you are living in Texas, you know that a functioning air conditioning unit is very important, especially during the hot summer days...


If you are living in Texas, you know that a functioning air conditioning unit is very important, especially during the hot summer days. Unfortunately, your air conditioning unit may need repair without you even realizing it. More often than not, your AC unit starts by giving you small warning signs, which when unaddressed, could fester into big problems.

A good understanding of the important warning signs that your air conditioning unit is giving you will help you prevent major problems later.

In this article, we cover eight warning signs that you should look out for to determine whether your air conditioning unit needs repair. Click here to learn more about AC repair services

1. Insufficient airflow

When an air conditioning unit is in perfect condition, it ensures high-quality air within the home. Even on days of extreme hotness, cool air will still be able to flow within your home. If you notice that the airflow within your home is low, it is an indication that you need air conditioning repair in Texas. The function of the AC’s fan is to push cool air around and ensure that the cool air spreads throughout the home.

There are many problems that could arise when a faulty fan fails to push the air hard enough. Some of the symptoms you will see when the quality of air within your home is poor include headaches, mental fatigue, cough, etc.

If you have reasons to believe that there is insufficient airflow within your home, contact a licensed technician to inspect your AC unit and do the necessary repairs.

2. Sudden increase in electric bills

The energy consumption of an air conditioner can be huge. The energy demands are even much higher when the temperatures of the weather become extreme. This causes an increase in electricity consumption. The good thing is that you can easily notice if the power consumption suddenly increases beyond normal, especially if you’ve been living in the home for a while.

One of the warning signs of a malfunctioning air conditioner is when there is a sudden and unexplainable surge in your electric bill. The best response to this is to look for a licensed expert to check your AC unit for the cause of high energy consumption and to get the system restored to a perfect working condition.

3. Refrigerant leaks

The refrigerant helps the air conditioner to work properly and creates a cooling effect that is needed for your comfort. Therefore, you want to ensure that the fluid doesn’t leak. One sign that you may notice when your AC unit is leaking is that the device itself or the ceiling is dripping. If left unchecked, water leakage can cause serious problems such as mold growth. Therefore, call a professional as soon as you notice such signs.

4. Unpleasant Smells

When the atmosphere of your home starts to become humid, musty, or gives off an unusual smell, it may be a sign that you need AC repair in Texas. For example, a rotten egg smell is an indication that there is gas leakage. Also, electrical issues may manifest with a smell like overheating or something burning.

Any strange smell from your AC unit should be addressed by a professional without delay. The whole system will be inspected, the source of the smell will be traced and fixed to prevent any recurrence.

5. Strange sounds

It is expected that an air conditioning unit should function quietly. If you have been using your AC unit for some time, it would be easy for you to notice if there is a change in the normal sound it makes. For example, clicking, banging, or humming noise from your AC unit is a sign of trouble, and a professional should be contacted to address the issue.

A professional AC repair contractor in Texas will be able to establish the source of the noise fix whatever the problem is.

6. Too frequent cycles

Air conditioning units work in cycles. For example, as soon as the temperature reaches the desired degree, the unit should turn itself off, and resume work after some time. While it is normal for your AC unit to turn on more frequently on hot days, the cycle shouldn’t be too constant, else, it would be impossible to maintain the right temperatures within your home, making the whole room uncomfortable. This problem is known as short-cycling.

If you have reasons to believe that you are dealing with short-cycling, a professional repair is your way out. When left unaddressed, more strain is put on your unit, causing a surge in your electric bill.

7. Your AC is blowing out warm air

Your AC unit is expected to cool your home when it’s hot. If your system is blowing out warm air even when it has been set to cooling mode, then it is a sign that the air conditioner needs repair.

Considering that an air conditioning system is a complex one, you are advised to contact a professional AC repair technician to check it and get it fixed. If replacements are needed for some parts, a professional will be able to give your genuine parts for your AC to work more efficiently.

8. Your AC unit is old

The efficiency of an air conditioning unit drops as it ages, and the chances of breaking down become higher. Your system may be due for replacement if it’s been over ten years. More so, the HVAC industry keeps advancing its technology, and your air conditioning unit of over ten years may not be able to meet up with the efficiency of the modern ones.

With the help of a qualified technician, you will be able to select the best air conditioning system for your home based on your needs and budget.

Getting a new system will save you from the frequent breakdowns you’ve been experiencing.

Average AC Repair Cost

According to Home Advisor, the average cost of AC repair is between $166 and $601. This cost will vary based on the peculiarity of each project. Be prepared to pay upwards of $450 to $1,000, depending on your repair.

Do You Need AC Repair in Texas?

As soon as you notice any of these warning signs with your air conditioning system, you should contact a licensed technician to do the needed repair. This is important because postponing the repair for too long makes the problem get worse and causes you to eventually spend more on repair later. Succinctly put, the earlier you address the issue, the cheaper and more convenient it will be for you. Don’t wait on needed air conditioning repair in Texas state!



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8 Warning Signs You Require Air Conditioning Repair in Texas

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