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What Does Foundation Repair Cost? | Professionals Explain

What Does Foundation Repair Cost? | Professionals Explain

Foundation issues can be very stressful. People often put off calling a professional because the thought of spending the money is stressful...


Foundation issues can be very stressful. People often put off calling a professional because the thought of spending the money is stressful. We get it. It’s easy to put off expensive repairs because figuring out how to get the money together can be difficult and cause a lot of pressure. However, putting off the repairs can cause much more stress in the long run.

Believe it or not, having an idea of what to expect causes less stress than thinking the worst. It’s hard for people who aren’t professionals to know how extensive the damage is, and sometimes it’s a lot less extensive than you may think.

It’s hard to determine how much a foundation repair will cost because there are so many things to consider. You can use the information below to get a general idea of what influences the cost and get a general idea of prices. To get an accurate estimate, you need to have a professional inspect your property.

National Average Cost of Foundation Repair

The least expensive repairs are minor crack repairs or leveling with slabjacking. However, if your foundation needs a long-term fix, your best bit is piering, although it is the most expensive. The national average for 2022 is nearly $5,000 but can vary anywhere between $500 to over $15,000 depending on your home’s needs.

Average Costs of Repairs

  • When you notice that you have foundation issues, you’ll want to call a foundation repair professional to come and inspect the damage. The average inspection cost runs about $200 to $1,200, depending on if you need soil reports—$ 75 to $150 for permits.
  • Cracks larger than ⅛” need to be repaired if they are small cracks. You can expect to pay between $500 to $700 per crack. Silicone or other patching materials will be injected into the gap.
  • Piering Hydraulic piers are a long-term solution for foundations that have shifted. You can expect roughly 8-10 piers, with each one costing around $1,200 each. Costs will vary depending on your location.
  • If you need the entire basement floor replaced, you can expect to pay between $600 to $1,200 depending on the size of your basement. Foundation reinforcement can run $1,000 to $5,000.
  • Foundation erosion is usually caused by poor drainage. The underlying problem has to be fixed, and then any bowing of your walls will be fixed with steel or carbon fiber poles. Depending on the extent of the damage, this repair costs between $1,000 and $14,000
  • Slabjacking is great for more minor repairs. The slab foundation is set back to its original position by pushing a mixture underneath the foundation by drilling small homes. Typically you can expect to pay around $200 per drill hole.
  • If you have poor soil, you can expect extensive repair, such as installing concrete or steel piers to support the foundation. If you live in an area prone to earthquakes, you’ll need seismic work and around $3,000-$4,000. If there are hidden obstacles such as tree roots, old repairs, or deep footings, it’ll run between $1,000 to $3,000.
  • Sometimes they may need to excavate the soil around your house, install piers and then add chemicals to the soil to help stabilize it to help prevent future damage. If this happens, you can pay anywhere from $5,000 and up. 
  • A horizontal foundation crack runs along the length of the foundation walls. This is caused by soil or water pressure due to poor drainage. If the crack is minor, you can expect to pay about $4,500, but if it spreads to another wall, it can be a sign of structural damage and cost $18,000 or more.
  • Leaking foundations will need the cracks repaired and then waterproofing and sealant. The foundation repair specialist will also need to dig around the structure to fill the large gap and fill larger cracks with new cement. 

What Determines the Cost of Foundation Repair

The cost of repairing your foundation depends on the type of foundation you have, the kind of damage, the extent of damage, and the professional you hire. When interviewing contractors get several estimates, request references, read customer feedback, ask if they are bonded and insured. Also, ask how much training and experience they have with your specific repair needs.

Below are a few additional factors that determine your cost:

  • The type of foundation
  • How easily contractors can get to the problems
  • The foundation issues
  • The type of repair that’s needed
  • Where you live

Are Foundation Repairs Worth It?

Foundation repairs are worth it. Even if you see a small leak trickling water, you don’t know how much damage it’s caused to areas you can’t see. If the building materials such as the structure's frame gets wet, mold can start going and spread into your home.

Foundation damage affects your home's value. A foundation that has been waterproofed has an ROI of 30%. Even if you’re not interested in selling your home, you’ll have the peace of mind that your home is structurally sound.

When minor issues occur in time, they become significant issues. The weight of the structure and the pressure from soil and water causes small cracks to extend farther and may even start to cause the bowing of the wall, or your foundation may sink.

Interior damage is avoided by keeping your foundation in good repair. When your foundation starts shifting, it damages the inside of the home, and you may notice cracks in the wall or ceiling. Doors will stop closing correctly; windows will stick or won’t open or close correctly. Floors will no longer be level, but instead, you may experience areas that are bulging or lowered in some areas.

You may experience plumbing issues that can cause your utility bills to increase due to your home shifting. The cracks in the foundation and gaps in the doors and windows will allow hot and cold air to seep into your home.

Now What?

If you have foundation issues, you need to get them inspected and ask for an estimate. Once you know the type of issues you’re dealing with, you can focus on the subject of financing. Even if you don’t have the money to pay for it, many financing options are available for foundation repair.



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What Does Foundation Repair Cost? | Professionals Explain

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