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How a Crack is Repaired for a Concrete Slab Foundation

How a Crack is Repaired for a Concrete Slab Foundation

Cracks in a concrete slab foundation are quite common and usually caused by the home settling, weather, or some other natural occurrence...


Cracks in a concrete slab foundation are quite common and usually caused by the home settling, weather, or some other natural occurrence. Some foundation cracks are easier to repair than others depending on where the crack is and how bad it is. Also, determining what caused the crack will help to choose the method for concrete foundation repair.

Cracks in your foundation can be fixed by contacting a foundation repair company. Foundation repair companies specialize in fixing foundation issues from cracks to more difficult foundation issues.

How Is A Crack Repaired For Concrete Slab Foundation

There are many methods when it comes to how cracks undergo concrete foundation repair. Typically, a concrete slab foundation can get cracks naturally from the weather or the house settling. Sometimes cracks are formed because of improper soil underneath the home. Depending on where the crack is, what caused it, and how bad it is will determine what method will be used to fix the foundation crack. Here are a few ways that a foundation crack may be fixed.

Foam Jacking (Polyurethane Foam) - Foam jacking is a method that uses polyurethane foam to lift the foundation up. This type of foam expands to help lift the foundation, which will close the gap. This is a popular way to fix some cracks that were caused by a sinking or settling foundation.

Patches and Sealants - Patches and sealants are typically used in cracks caused by shrinkage. Foundation cracks that are caused by shrinkage are typically nothing to be alarmed about, but they should still be repaired and filled in. The sealant that is most commonly used is hydraulic cement. It hardens quickly and can be used to stop water leaks in your foundation.

Slabjacking -  Slabjacking is a bit like foam jacking and is used to repair cracks caused by your foundation sinking. Slabjacking uses a grout-like mixture that is poured under your foundation to lift the concrete to the appropriate height. Slabjacking is a very non-disruptive concrete foundation repair method and will help to fix your cracks immediately.

Piers - There are a lot of different types of piers that can be used. What is chosen to repair your foundation is typically based on the soil under your home and how heavy your foundation is. Although there are a lot of different types of piers they essentially all have the same job. Piers are usually drilled into the soil underneath your foundation to hold up the concrete. Piears are a bit more invasive than the above options, but they provide a more long-term solution for your foundation issues.

Choosing A Foundation Repair Company

Choosing a concrete foundation repair company isn’t as difficult as it might seem. Foundation repair companies are teams of professionals that are trained and have experience in all foundation issues. They are skilled and can complete projects efficiently and with great results. Here are a few qualities that you should look for in a foundation repair company.

Licenses and Insurance -  Proper licensing and insurance is a must for any foundation repair company. Homeowners should ensure that the company has all the proper licensing for them to be legally doing foundation repairs. They should also check for insurance as this will cover any damage done to the property at any time during the repair. These two qualities are essential for choosing a foundation company and they should not be overlooked.

Warranty-  Some foundation companies have warranties and some foundation companies don’t. Check with the company to see if they offer a warranty. This will be a warranty for a set amount of time that allows the foundation company to come and fix any repairs that may come up.

Reviews-  Like many things that we purchase, we usually check the reviews, and choosing a foundation company is no different. Typically foundation companies have reviewed and this is a great place to see other customers’ experience working with them.

Time In Business- Foundation companies that have been in business for a longer amount of time have more experience and training. Foundation companies with more xperience can handle problems better if they arise and know how to deal with more challenging situations when it comes to your foundation repair.

When looking for a foundation company it’s important to keep in mind how your experience goes. Be sure to ask any questions that you may have to get the answers you need. It’s important to note how the company communicates with you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to completely understand your options and what the company will be doing.

What To Do If You Have A Crack In Your Foundation

If you find that you have a crack in your foundation then the first thing you need to do is contact a concrete foundation repair company. You should not touch it or try to do any kind of sealing method yourself. Professionals have the knowledge and experience to fix the crack without any further damage and fix it with longevity. Once you contact the foundation company they will do the rest for you. The foundation company will assess the crack and also your full foundation for any other damage you may not have noticed. They will then choose the best method based on your foundation and explain to you what they will be doing. Be sure to ask questions so you can get a better idea of what they will be doing and what to expect. Read all warranty and insurance information before proceeding with the company just to ensure that everything is agreed upon between everyone.

Overall, cracks are repaired by many different methods depending on the crack, the soil underneath your foundation, and how bad it is. Foundation repair companies do a great job at repairing any type of foundation issues including cracks due to settling, shrinking, weather, and sinking. Contact your local foundation repair company today to receive concrete foundation repair.



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How a Crack is Repaired for a Concrete Slab Foundation

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