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Is the Window Installation Process Messy? | Homeowners Guide

Is the Window Installation Process Messy? | Homeowners Guide

If you are thinking of installing new windows in your home, one of the things you may be wondering is if the process is a messy one...


If you are thinking of installing new windows in your home, one of the things you may be wondering is if the process is a messy one. Succinctly put, yes, the window installation process is a messy endeavor. There is a lot of debris generated and spread around the work area during the process of installing the windows. For example, the installer may need to cut through sheetrock to enlarge the opening of the window, thereby creating a larger mess.

Even with all necessary precautions taken- including getting the old windows cleaned as much as possible - it will be difficult to reach all the dust and debris generated during the window installation process. The mess can be better managed when our professional installers are on the job. This information is from our Arlington TX window installation company.

Window Installation Steps
Based on the number of windows to be installed, you can expect the installation of windows in your home to be completed within a day. Usually, the installation team is organized in a way that some workers are removing the old windows while the others are installing the new ones.

The following are the steps that your professional window installer will follow for the successful completion of the project:

● The window openings are cleaned: Before putting the window in place, the professional window installer first uses a vacuum to clean the debris from the area. This is done to make the surface clean for the flashing tape and to reduce allergens.

● Installing the flashing tape: To prevent moisture from seeping inside the window opening, an adhesive flashing tape is laid along the side and the length of the sill to create a fully water-resistant barrier.

● The sill is inspected: The professional window installer inspects the sill to ensure that it is level and that it doesn’t have any bowing before securing the sill. If the sill is not level, flashing tape, screws, and shims are used to attach it to the opening of the window.

● The window is tested: It is expected that when the window is in place, there should be a little gap around the frame. Before securing the window with a tape or sealant, the professional installer will inspect how well it fits in the opening. This will help to verify that the window is the right size.

● The window is installed: Beads of caulk are applied around the top of the frame, the sill, and the stops. After the opening is prepared, the installer places the window against the stops and then attaches it to the caulk. To secure the window in place, holes are drilled into the frame, and shims are installed.

● The work is checked: Once in the right spot, the window is checked by the installer with a level to ensure that it aligns with the opening. If necessary, more shims are placed at the meeting rails to fix the frame of the window.

● The window is secured: At this point, the installer uses nails or screws to secure the window to the opening. Also, more flashing is installed around and outside the window. To prevent air leaks, foam sealants are then used in the gaps. To complete the installation, the professional installer finally applies latex caulk around the interior trim.

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Do Window Installers Move Furniture?
If you have furniture in your home positioned next to some of the windows, it will have to be moved to create more space for the installation. If you’ve hired professional window installers, you can be sure that they will move the furniture. Having inspected the whole work area, they will find a suitable space to put any furniture close to the window to prevent it from getting scratched or damaged during the installation of the window. They will also ensure that the furniture is returned to its original position after the completion of the installation.

Do Window Installers Clean Windows After Installation?
One of the benefits of hiring professional window installers to do your installation is that most of them have a cleanup plan after the installation process. This plan often involves removing the old windows and any other dirt from the installation.

If you choose to do the work yourself, you will have to arrange for a dumpster to be brought to your home before the installation begins. Otherwise, your work area will not only be left messy, but you also risk hazards.

You should note that although the installers will handle most of the big mess created during the installation, it is important that you arrange for thorough cleaning after the job after all the protective coverings and drop cloths are removed.

It is also the responsibility of the installation team to dispose of the old windows and to clean up their tools after the installation. Take time to check every window opening to verify that there is a window in each spot and not mere boards.

How Long Does Window Installation Take?
How long your window installation will take will depend on a few factors including what type of window you order for and the time of the year. Starting from the day you order for the window to its arrival, your installation may take from 4 to 8 weeks.

Talking about the day of window installation, the completion time of your project will be determined by the type and how many windows are to be installed. It would take an average of thirty minutes for the crew to install each window, from removing the old one to installing the new one in its place. A typical residential installation project should not take more than a day to reach its completion. However, it would take longer to complete a commercial project.

Window installation is a monumental and messy process, but with adequate preparation, and with professional window installers on board, the project can be completed with ease, quickly, and efficiently.

With the help of professional window installation contractors, all furniture will be moved and returned after the completion of the job, and the mess will be thoroughly cleaned. After the job is done, your home is restored to a clean state with increased comfort, enhanced curb appeal, and an increased value in your property.



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Is the Window Installation Process Messy? | Homeowners Guide

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