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Determining if You Have Basement Foundation Issues in Kansas

Determining if You Have Basement Foundation Issues in Kansas

Abandoning the basement is becoming a norm in the state of Kansas...


Abandoning the basement is becoming a norm in the state of Kansas. The problem of a choking basement, smelly basement and worse still, a flooded basement is predominant in most homes, and basement foundation problems are a big issue.

Unfortunately, the problem stems from the fact that Kansas soil is clay, and therefore expansive. An expansive soil is vulnerable to weather changes; it expands and contracts with the rise of and fall of atmospheric temperatures. During spring, rain causes the soil to expand . This expansion leads to cracks in the walls and the floor, dampness in your basement and other kinds of water damage in the basement. This then makes the basement uncomfortable to stay in; therefore, it is abandoned.

Abandoning the basement because of its problems may lead to more damage that will cost a lot more to fix. In other words, whenever you notice a fault in your basement, you should be proactive about fixing it. According to HomeAdvisor, your home will be in a better condition for a long period of time if you get the damages fixed in a timely manner.

Trust your basement foundation repair Topeka KS to the professionals! This article was provided by our specialists so reach out if you need more information about basement foundation repair.

What Are the First Signs of Basement Foundation Problems?

Before a homeowner is faced with an almighty structural damage, there are usually plenty of warning signs and indications that were ignored or postponed. However, if you are unaware, the signs or clues below that tell you something is wrong with your basement. They are;

1. Pests Around Your Home

Pests are usually around an unclean environment, or sometimes they can be around vegetation that attracts them. But if you live in a clean environment and you don't have trees or a garden close to your home, and you suddenly notice some insects or flies in your home, your first stop should be your basement. Check around your basement and if it has been abandoned for a while, you are sure to see some pest lurking in some areas.

Once you notice this, you should be proactive about fixing the damage. While you call a pest exterminator, ensure you also call a foundation expert to check out your basement. You may have a water problem.

2. Dampness

If you have abandoned your basement for a while and you go in there only to be welcomed with a dampening smell, you may feel the odor comes from overtime abandonment. While you may be right, it is important that you check for other signs of water damage. Water problems could dampen your basement and make it feel like it’s been abandoned for years, even if you check it every other day. A well waterproofed basement will not give you a damp feel even if you abandoned the place for a while. However, to be convinced you have some problems with your basement, look around for other signs of damage.

3. Water stains

During or after spring, you should check your basement. If you find water stains on the walls, then there is a water problem with your basement. These stains are mostly brownish and they indicate the water level in your basement. A water stain sign is an emergency situation even if you don't see a pool of water in your basement. It is important that you call in a basement foundation expert to fix your basement.

Apart from the brownish stain, another thing to check out for is what is known as efflorescence. This is a situation where the minerals within the concrete are pulled to the surface by water that has penetrated the basement. In this case, the walls become chalky white after water in the basement evaporates.

Whether it is a brownish stain or an efflorescence, your basement is in trouble and you need to get an expert in basement foundation to fix the damages, and thereafter waterproof your basement.

4. Musty Smell and Rust

When you are greeted by a musty smell immediately after you descend to your basement, that is definitely a sign something is out of place. You should check out the metals in the basement, if they are rusting or rusted already, there is no point waiting for another sign. A rusty sign is enough to let you know that water or moisture has found its way into your basement. You should have a basement foundation expert check out your basement immediately.

5. Mold

If mold is found in any part of your basement, that is a definite sign you have a water issue in your basement. The presence of mold is enough of a problem because it is destructive. In a short while, the organic materials in your basement will gradually be destroyed. Molds reproduce at a fast rate and they breed well in damp and dark environments. Call an exterminator to help get rid of mold, but you also need to call a basement foundation expert.

There are other signs of basement damage like cracks in the wall or floor, sinking floor, etc. However, the above are the first signs that will show you something is wrong.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Basement Foundation in Kansas?

The cost of fixing basement damage in Kansas is not fixed. This is because the cost is determined based on several factors involved. On the average, minor interior repairs cost between $500 and $1,500, while structural repairs cost between $4,000 and $10,000 or more. The below are the factors that influence the price of a basement foundation repair;

● The size of the basement often affects the price of the repair. For instance, a bigger basement will require more resources regarding labor and materials.

● The root cause of damage can also affect how much you need to fix it. For instance, the cost of damage caused by bad plumbing is different from the cost of damage caused by the rain.

● The severity of damage can affect the cost of repair. For instance, the cost of fixing a damp basement is different from the cost of fixing a flooded basement.

Hiring a Basement Foundation Repair Company

Basement foundation repairs are usually very expensive, and especially for buildings in Kansas because of the type of soil which is prone to expansion and contraction. Therefore, if you have a basement foundation and you live in Kansas, you have to be proactive about maintenance. You need to waterproof your basement to avoid water issues in your basement. You should also ensure that your plumbing work is done correctly.

More so, there is a cost-effective way to go about your basement repair. First, get a list of professional contractors who are experts in basement foundation repair in Kansas. This way, you can get several quotations, and insist on getting the best prices from each of the contractors. You can choose a contractor who offers the best price and also offers flexible payment options. But then, you can as well decide to prioritize the repairs, to ask to ease the financial burden on you.

However, you should never short change yourself by ignoring all the signs of damage in your basement, or by getting inferior materials, or employing an unlicensed contractor to fix your basement foundation.



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Determining if You Have Basement Foundation Issues in Kansas

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