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Business Details
Aluminum Bronze Casting Supplier | Erie Bronze, PA
At Erie Bronze & Aluminum, we specialize in Non-Ferrous Bronze Sand Castings used in various industrial applications around the world. As a bronze casting company, we are experts in using the proper alloy for your casting.

Details: We have dedicated more than 20 years to refining our proprietary aluminum process for three hard to pour aluminum alloys: 850, 852, and 443. We supply aluminum tubes and rings rough machined to the exact dimensions you require to help cut down on your machining costs and minimize any excess material. The three aluminum alloys we produce in our foundry allow us to manufacture castings with superior machinability and lubricity compared to parts made from other materials like plastics and AL6061. OEMs looking for AL6061 T6 manufacturers could benefit from a conversation with one of our aluminum casting experts about the benefits of using the AL850, AL852, or AL443 alloys.


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