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Business Details
ApexDrop - Influencer Marketing Agency
ApexDrop makes sending hundreds of product samples to influencers easy and guarantees results. Unlike other influencer agencies where you pay for expensive software, or worse, pay the influencers, ApexDrop takes care of everything.

Details: Brands prefer ApexDrop as they charge a reasonable rate to do all the hard work with micro-influencer collaborations and measure fantastic results. They hand select the best influencers from their own private network and guarantee their posts. They donít work with influencers who paid for their followers or that push products they obviously donít care about all over Instagram for money. ApexDrop pairs brands with contextual vetted influencers in order to reach their primary target audience. Their network contains bloggers and influencers who truly care about the products theyíre representing. In this way, ApexDrop ensures only premier social media influencers can represent their clients.


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