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Business Details
ITCube Medical Record Summary Outsourcing Services|USA
ITCube BPO offers quality medical records summarization service that ensures medico-legal case review organizations easy access to patient case data which is a great benefit to record management companies, legal support, insurance firms and more.

Details: ITCube focuses on working closely with clients to document various operating processes and to determine the key performance parameters (KPI's) that can be used for evaluation.

ITCube Solution is dedicated to providing a wide range of services for medical records summarization.

Medical record summarization has proved to be a boon to the healthcare industry. This is a process where tedious medical record data is analyzed, categorized based on the data and service providers and then a review is presented which is medico-legally authenticated. This a simplified medical data from complicated medical record pages, which enables litigation services, claim services and other healthcare services to process their services at a much faster rate.

Medical Record Summarization is a great benefit to medical record management companies, legal support companies, insurance firms, Medico-legal consultants, Private corporations, Physicians, Independent medical examiners, Social security Disability.

A well-prepared medical record summary service saves time by organizing medical records in a concise chronological manner facilitating easy assimilation.

1. Less paperwork and fewer storage issues
2. Increased quality of care
3. Financial incentives
4. Increased efficiency and productivity
5. Better patient care


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