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Business Details
Commercial Appliance Repair - Dependable Repair Service
Atlanta's #1 & oldest commercial appliance repair in the Atlanta area serving since 1970, over 45 years, for commercial appliance repair.

Details: Dependable Repair Service is the oldest Appliance Repair in the Atlanta area and is the "go to" for commercial appliance repair since, 1970. That's over 45 years! We provide 24/7 commercial appliance repair. We are a locally owned family business. We repair all major commercial appliances including refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers, ovens, freezer, garbage disposal & HVAC, etc. We have 16 trucks staged around the Atlanta area that carry the most common parts to ensure fast service.

Our technicians are factory authorized and trained on many brands of appliance repairs. They are background checked, and drugs screened. They wear floor protectors and use protective mats to protect your business. Each technician is experienced and receives regular training to stay up to date on the latest changes in appliance repair. Each technician carries a tablet computer with access to specific calibration requirements and special parts availability.

When the technician arrives, he will drive a marked Dependable truck and wear a Dependable uniform. He will troubleshoot the problem and quote you a flat-rate repair price before any repairs are made. Because of his experience and access to parts, the only thing stopping the special parts is having the correct make and model of the appliance as well as inaccurate assessment of the problem to be repaired. All repairs are guaranteed no matter how many times he has to come back.


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