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Mighty Microbes
Home of a series of organic products that contain special microorganisms. These miraculous microbes are a super probiotic that have powerful applications for natural health, personal care, home and garden and agriculture.

Details: Did you know that the lead microbe in the products that we sell – the powerful phototropic microbe – has been around the planet since before there was oxygen, about 4 billion years? And with no oxygen available, it consumed what was in the environment – toxins like carbon dioxide, ammonia, and hydrogen sulfide… and does.

Think about it, a microorganism that consumes toxins and pollutants and then like an environmental magic maker, gives off anti-oxidants, vitamins, amino acids and other life-enhancing elements.

You won’t find other probiotics that have found a way to integrate this toxic eating microbe into the mix. That is part of the miracle of our probiotic products.


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