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Analytical Solutions  
Supply and service scientific instrumentation throughout the Oceanica area.

Apex Technologies - Designer Manufacturer Fiber Optics  
Apex Technologies uniqueness lays in their different approach, means and accuracy of testing high speed optical components and systems not matched by any of its competitors within the same price- performance ratio.

Aurora Biomed, Inc. - Automation Solutions  
Providing enabling technologies, assay services and reagens for drug discovery research, drug safety screening, liquid-handling and laboratory automation.

Baseline-MOCON - Gas Detection & Analysis  
Sets the standard in automated gas analysis for indoor air quality of toxic gases in the workplace, environmental source monitoring, ambient air networks, mud logging during hydrocarbon exploration and trace impurities in specialty gases.

Blister Microscope - Used Student Microscope  
A low power light microscope that can be used to view three dimensional objects.

Buehler - Metallography, Materialography & Analysis  
World's premier manufacturer of scientific equipment and supplies for use in metallography and materials analysis. Buehler's metallographic products are used throughout the world.

Contemplas - Motion Analysis Software  
2D and 3D movement analysis software synchronizes video footage and other devices. A special clinical gait analysis and treadmill analysis package is available.

CTech Glass  
Sales of scientific laboratory glassware and other lab supplies for education, research and industry.

DDS Calorimeters  
Manufacturers of the CAL2K and CAL3K Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter Systems used to analyze liquid and solid sample to determine calorific value.

Digital Scales Center  
We have partnered with growing manufacturers in the market. Why weight for anything else. We offer free shipping and a free ebook with any purchase. Sign up for our quarterly newsletter for exclusive offers.

GDD Instrumentation  
Manufactures, sells, rents rugged geophysical instruments for exploration, mining, surveying and environmental projects. Also develops instrumentation based on customer needs.

Kebby Vial Crimpers and Decappers  
Vial crimper and decapper hand tools and equipment for manual crimping of aluminum seals to vials and bottles. Manual and semi-automatic crimpers and decappers available.

L & R Instruments  
Designs and sells portable Resistivity and Induced Polarization instruments for geophysical applications.

Lab Design And Supply  
Nation's Leading supplier of lab supply and design services including, but not limited to, lab furniture, fume hoods, and cabinetry. Our designers create effiecient lab designs that tailor to all customer requests.

Labnics Equipment - Laboratory Equipment Supplies  
Manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of high quality laboratory, analytical and biotechnology equipment for scientific, educational, research, health, pharmaceutical and related industries.

Labscape Lab Furniture  
Labscape is a laboratory designer and a supplier of furniture, equipment, and accessories for modern laboratories.

Longo Labs - Laboratory Furniture and Fume Hoods  
Offers laboratory planning, design, and construction solutions. Features a broad selection of lab furniture, fume hoods, and accessories from leading laboratory furniture manufacturers.

Midtown Scientific, Inc.  
As a strategic partner for research labs, MSI streamlines government-required guidelines & requirements by providing single point contact for all procurement processes including; product info, samples, purchasing, shipment tracking & return authorization.

NovaLynx Corporation  
Manufacturer and distributor of meteorological monitoring instruments and systems including rain and snow gauges, anemometers and wind vanes, evaporation pans and sensors, and modular weather stations.

Photovac, Inc.  
Provider of hand-held instruments for superior detection, measurement, analysis, and monitoring of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in air, soil, or groundwater.

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