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Levy & Rizzo, LLC
Beginning in October of 2017, a new law opened up new opportunities for New Yorkers to have certain criminal conviction records sealed, closing the door on the past and removing a major roadblock in their lives.

Details: Years ago you made a mistake or an error in judgment, or perhaps you got a bad rap for something you didnít even do. Whatever the case, now it seems like youíve been branded a criminal for life, and that criminal record has become a stumbling block set in your path. That stumbling block can now be removed. The benefits of having your records sealed are numerous and can have a positive impact in many areas of your life.
Prospective employers will not find out about your record during a background check
Landlords and housing authorities will not turn you down as an undesirable renter
Banks and lenders will not consider you to be an unreasonable credit risk
Colleges will not deny you admission or subject you to humiliating review boards

Category: Attorneys
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