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Cheap Loans
Bridging loans are a form of short term finance for home or property owners and if utilised correctly can be a very cost effective way to borrow or a cheap loan short term.

Details: Property or homeowners can now use other sources rathen than high street lenders to get a more compeitive rate of interest and also a better deals than bank loans offer. Typical a bank or building society would like to lock you into a long term credit agreement, usually three to five years. If you only looking for a stop gap for your finances, then, inevitably, you will end up paying excessive interest charges. We can orgainse a short term loan, maximum loan time is twelve months. You can pay off your advance anytime in that twelve month period making bridging finance very cheap loans indeed if you use correctly. You only pay interest charges until you clear the full amount, so if you borrow one hundred thuosand pounds, at 2% interest and clear at the end of the first month, you have only paid two thousand pounds to borrow one hundred grand. Cheap loans are our speciality.

Category: Loans
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