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SAKG - Lime and Gypsum
Nationwide South African manufacturer and supplier of feed lime and both agricultural and industrial lime and gypsum products.

Details: SAKG is a nationwide manufacturer & supplier of agricultural lime and gypsum products as well as a supplier of feed lime and industrial lime and gypsum products.

SA Lime & Gypsum's agricultural lime products primarily aid in increasing the pH in acidic soils whilst also providing calcium and magnesium for crop growth and improving the soils water penetration.

Prolime Feed Lime products are supplied to feedlots throughout South Africa and are available in a variety of fractions of feed lime ranging from -2mm to -5mm

SAKG's industrial lime products are primarily used for purposes of water purification, soil stabilization and waste treatment.

SA Lime & Gypsum is a 100% BEE company and is supplying among other the following specific products: dolomitic agriculural lime, calcitic agricultural lime, mikrofine lime, slaked lime, unslaked lime, industrial lime, feed lime, road lime, water purification lime, phosphor gypsum and natural gypsum.


Category: Agrochemicals
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